Try this Soothing Acupressure Sequence if Feeling Overwhelmed

Try this powerful fusion of acupressure points to calm you when feeling overwhelmed by chronic pain and illness. It’s an inherently soothing sequence and natural healing technique.
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The poetically named, Sea of Tranquillity or CV 17 (Conception Vessel 17) is a wonderful point to use as aside from calming your anxiety, and offering you a little stillness in the storm, it also awakens courage. Yin Tang (GV 24.5), Shu Gou, and Shen Meng, which means spirit gate or door (Heart 7), are all inherently calming acupressure points to body, mind, and spirit. The Sea of Tranquillity point is also healing for everyone who is trying to speak themselves more compassionately and lovingly. Pressing here every day can help facilitate a transition from disregard or destructive tendencies to one that is more loving, self-supportive, and kind.

  • Using your left hand, press the Third Eye Point or GV 24.5 (see image), and breath gently.
  • Using your other hand, press the dead centre of your breastbone. You’ll feel a little hollow or dip, this is the acupressure point known as the ‘Sea of Tranquillity’ (CV 17).
  • Now move your left hand to the Shui Gou point, between your nose and mouth in the little dip, and press gently.
  • Finally, using your thumb, locate Heart 7 on the other wrist. It’s found just under the hand, on the bands that run across the wrist where the hand and wrist join. Follow to the end, just beneath your pinkie or little finger and feel for the small hollow (note that the image only shows where it is from the top).
  • You will feel your hand go a little numb and radiate, sometimes pulse quite strongly with this point. Press for up to 2 minutes and swap hands and repeat for 2 minutes on that side.

In an effort to make this site’s natural healing tools more accessible, I’m creating this section to build a plethora of healing and coping techniques that I hope help you manage and live well in spite of chronic pain and illness.

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  1. JamesH says

    I discovered this website tonight after several weeks of Hernia pain . I attended my GP last Wednesday and was treated in a rude and abrupt manner by him which resulted in me requesting a referral to a private hernia clinic on Monday.I am very anxious about being able to get there especially since I am on my own.
    However, I tried this acupressure sequence and it calmed me immediately !
    Thank you for your wonderful website.


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