Pain Poetry | Drown My Pain, Not My Spirit

drown my painDrown My Pain, Not My Spirit

How odd how perverse that
all which is missed
the routine the humdrum
the week’s shopping list
that I once called painfully,
mind-numbingly dull
seems now like a life
so exciting and full
and here this distorted
reflection of me
not dying not living
just asking to be
not burning not drowning
just one more time free

Written by ©MikeR, chronic pain patient.



  1. Sarah gowler says

    My poem
    No matter how near
    No matter how far
    You’ll always be here
    In my heart
    Friends forever
    You and me
    That’s how it
    Will always be


  1. […] Instead of finding yourself pulled under this vast, oncoming wave, stop a moment. Take a deep breath. Trying to hold all this at once, to think of it all at once is a recipe for stress and even more overwhelm. Know that you’re only feeling this overwhelm because you care. If you didn’t care about others, about what you do, give, and your place and purpose in the world you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. […]

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