Comedy Spoon-Themed Interlude


Patient princesses, waiting warriors, after what was perhaps the silliest, certainly the longest interlude and absence yet, finally, after back-to-back flare then flu-flare combo, I’m feeling more human again and at last able to write the new blog post (big phew). Being ill on top of ill as I know you all know so well too, is far from fun.

Though speaking of fun, here’s a far finer and far funnier spoon-themed interlude with a little help from two of the funniest men on this planet. Taken from the brilliant Black Books series and though the clip I originally wanted to share isn’t online, this at around 28 seconds in, has [spoon] comedy gold.

And in case you need reasons why laughter is even more essential when you live in constant pain and with chronic illness, here’s an earlier post on just that.

The new post will follow shortly. Enjoy!


Gentle hugs x



    • PrincessPrincess says

      So happy you liked this Heidi. I love Black Books. Perfect flare-up viewing, distraction and giggles, perfect. 🙂 ♥ x

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