Pain Art | By Susan Gofstein

Pain Art

‘Resonance: Erasure’ By Susan Gofstein

Here’s a statement from the artist:

“Pain is a solitary truth that defies communication, A­ maddeningly subjective and resistant to language and measurement. To live in pain is to live in isolation. In the absence of speech, a visual language of metaphor is a constructive tool, creating artifacts that can function as the speaking self. In RESONANCE, the MRI grids of the brain document both the origin of pain and the concept of a self. Their altered surface is wrought with physical struggle: opaque paint obscures the film, scratched drawing removes its surface, collage both asserts and denies a third dimension. These tensions embody the eloquent communication of the visual metaphor.”

Read more about Susan and her art here: Susan Gofstein.

This art a courtesy of Portraits of Pain –, an online educational, visual arts exhibit from artists with chronic pain who use art to express some facet of the pain experience. The Pain Exhibit’s mission is to educate healthcare providers and the public about chronic pain through art, and to give voice to the many who suffer in silence.

Do you create or make art to help cope with chronic pain? Add your comments below and feel free to share the love.

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